About Us

The Mothers of Malverne (MOMs) began in 1978 when two mothers of preschoolers met and realized that there were others who also felt somewhat isolated and in need of support through the adventures, joys, and difficulties of raising small children.  They put an ad in a local newspaper asking to meet other interested mothers.  That first MOMs meeting of 18 women was the seed for what has blossomed into the Mothers of Malverne of today.  Today the MOMs includes women from many communities in Nassau County.

Our Mission
The MOMs is a club for mothers of young children.  It is designed to function as a cooperative support group and social network for mothers as they face the challenges of child rearing.

Our Events
We will have four adult meetings and several kid friendly meetups throughout the year. A meet up will happen every month around the 15th. 
Our meetings are casual, really more of a meet & greet. Another member recently summed up our meetings well by describing them as a perfect opportunity to step away from home life for an hour or two and meet and reconnect with some new and old friends.
We have children’s events throughout the year, including a Halloween party, Breakfast with Santa, and an Easter party and egg hunt.  You can also form playgroups with other MOMs members.

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