January News

Happy New Years ladies! Hopefully everyone enjoyed a joyous holiday season. All the planning and preparing and it’s over in a blink of an eye.

December was hectic with MOMs too. A huge thank you to the Christmas party committee for another successful event. The kids had a blast!!!
Our holiday party hosted by Dana Kelley was also a fantastic time. Thank you Dana for offering your home. Seeing the Harry Connick Jr. renovation was inspiring!
As is in my own life, this month is quiet and then suddenly, everything happens at once.
Thursday, 1/11, the 8th Annual Nursery School & Activity Night will take place at the Lynbrook Library from 6:30- 8:30 PM. Its a great place to go get some information about nursery school options for the coming year.
Sunday night, 1/14 we will have a months MOMs meet-up at Connelly Station. This event was moved due to the holiday on 1/15. That night we will be collecting costume jewelry for Bethany House. It’s time to clear out the jewelry boxes a bit! (After all, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and you will need the room for all of the precious gems your husband or significant other will be giving you, right???😍)

Kathleen Nolan-Kasal  will be collecting any costume jewelry (women and children’s) you or your child are no longer wearing. We will be donating it to the women at the Bethany House. The jewelry will be delivered to Bethany House on Jan 22nd

Additionally, we are going to begin a monthly donation to the Bethany House. Kathleen will post monthly what we will be collecting and donating. If anyone would like to help with this, please let her know. It’s a great way we can help the women and children in this program.

After a night out, our January play date at Cup of Fun will take place Monday, 1/15 from 9-11. Details were in the evite that went out last week. 
Finally, we have many members who are not members of our facebook group. This awesome online resource is a great way to get help, opinions, and just exchange general info with a network of current and past MOMs members. If you are on Facebook, make sure you search our closed group – Mothers of Malverne, and we will approve our request to join ASAP.
Stay warm and hope to see many of you in the coming week!

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