Welcome to the 2017-2018 MOM Year!

Another summer has flown by! It’s amazing how time flies when your having fun. We are ready and excited for another fun, event-filled year with the MOMs!

We are also excited to have new board members joining us this year! It’s with the help of these ladies that we know we are going to have another successful year together.

Presidents – Sonia Bicocchi & Dana Kelly
Membership VP – Jeannine Correa
Kids Events VP – Kate McKeon
Adults Events VP – Christina Maraia
Communications VP – Allison Sheridan
Secretary – Erica King
Treasurer – Elicia Corbett

With new members to the board and several new events planned, our calendar is looking busy! One of the most exciting events this year will be our 40th anniversary dinner celebration that will take place in May. It seems so far but before we now it, spring will be here. We are excited to share 40 years as a community group with all current and past members. Lots of planning will need to happen to make this event a success. We will be looking for volunteers to participate in all areas of planning and an anniversary dinner committee will be created for those interested in participating.
The MOMs are a cooperative group, so we are only as good as our members make us. Whether its a party committee, planning a playdate or a MOMs night out, or maybe something else that we haven’t even thought of (we are always open to new ideas!) – we need your help!!

That being said, we are looking for a volunteer for our Mid-year Taco Thursday event in March. The spring is a hectic time but it’s a great night together. Please reach out if you are able to host this event. =)

Please find the Membership Form for 2017-2018 below for you to fill out and send in. Payments can be made via cash, check, or PayPal by submitting your payment to mothersofmalverne@gmail.com and selecting the friends and family option to avoid fees. If you choose to send your payment via PayPal, you can email your form to us at mothersofmalverne@gmail.com so you don’t have to mail anything. There is a new section for you to indicate how you would like to participate within the group, so we are asking all new and renewing members to fill out the form this year.

The 2017-2018 Calendar is updated for this year’s events. Similar to last year, we are keeping a balanced blend of MOMs only and children’s meet ups happening throughout the year. Last year’s events were all so successful and allowed many opportunities for moms to meet other mom’s and new friends. One event that is definitely staying on the calendar will be our standing happy hour every 15th of the month. Look out for those posts every month on Facebook! We can’t wait to get out and play with everyone!



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