February News

Happy February Everyone!
Upcoming Events
3/12: MOMs Easter Party: Our annual Easter Party and Egg Hunt will be held at the Lynbrook Rec Center. There will be fun, entertainment, and a visit from the Easter Bunny for some cute photo opps! Make sure you sign up by 2/28 to reserve your space! The sign up form is attached for your convenience. 
3/15: March Meeting: Our March meeting will be an informal evening meeting at Hayley’s house. Thank you Hayley for hosting!!
4/15: Annual Spring Fling: It’s time for our annual dinner out on the town! Ideas for venues are welcome!
Volunteer Opportunities
June Meeting! We are still looking for someone to host our final meeting of the year on June 15th. This could be an outdoor event since the weather will probably be nice by then. Please let us know if you are interested.
Yard Sale! The MOMs yard sale is coming up on May 21st. As you are purging and cleaning up for the new year, please consider putting some things aside to donate to the MOMs table. OR consider getting your own table at the event! This is our one and only fundraiser for the year and we count on the proceeds to help out with all of the fun events we do throughout the year.
MOMs Board! We are looking for the next generation of MOMs to take over the board roles as our children get older and move on to schools and activities that require our help as volunteers. YES – you mommas with the little babies, I am talking to you!! You are the future of the group and we need you to step up to keep the group going. With a great group of women in place, being on the board is a lot of fun and is a very rewarding. And no, you do not need to be a stay at home mom to do it. As a past MOMs board member told me, it prepares you for all of those volunteer opportunities that are coming up down the road 😉 Shoot us an email to let us know if you are interested. Recruit your friends to do it with you! We are happy to share the current roles and responsibilities, but they are always changing to meet the talents, time commitments, and needs of the current board. I hope we get lots of eager members emails!! 
Finally, we have many members who are not members of our facebook group. This awesome online resource is a great way to get help, opinions, and just exchange general info with a network of current and past MOMs members. If you are on Facebook, make sure you search our closed group – Mothers of Malverne, and we will approve our request to join ASAP.

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